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Allergy season is among us

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Ahh, spring time. 

The beautiful flowers, cool breeze, light jackets... they're all good things.

"Stuffed up nose, kind of a sore throat, I'm clogged up, sneezing a lot. Of course it'll be like one nostril that gets stuffed up," says allergy sufferer Samantha Davies.

Sound familiar?

"It seems nowadays, there's more allergies than there have been in past years," says pharmacist Bob Greenwood.

Flowers are the beckoning of all things beautiful about spring, but that's not always a good thing.

"Just when you think your winter flu and cold season is over, you roll right into allergy season," says Davies.

Greenwood says he's already seen plenty of people rolling in for allergy medicine. 

He says saline nasal spray is really good for instant relief, but really all over the counter medications serve their purpose.

For severe allergy sufferers, there's still hope for you yet.

"If you have a really bad allergy, you can get exposed to it by a skin prick or by an oral antigen. That will expose the body enough to create antibodies to it.

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