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Positive messages in school halls

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 "I felt really good. It made me happy..." echoes through school halls.

You are loved. You are beautiful. You are important. Three small words that can have a big impact on someone's day and that's what happened at Waverly- Shell Rock Middle School.

Teacher, Angie Wessel says, "We looked and we saw the notes were in our hallway and then pretty soon word spread, and we found out that they were in all the hallways."

Notes, filled with a few kind words.

Student, Macy Huisenga says, "You matter...I felt really heart-touched and I really liked it a lot."

And the author remains unknown.

Student, Callie Hawbaker says, "It's really nice whoever did it. I thought it was really sweet."

Locker after locker, note after note, and no one really knows who did it...but teachers say, they like it that way.

Wessel says, "We teach kids to be of good character when no one is watching. The important message is somebody did this and didn't want to be recognized for it."

She continues, "They didn't want an award or anything, they did it because in their heart, they felt good about it and they wanted someone else to feel better."

School halls: an environment that all too often is known for bullying, but here...they are filled with just a few words that mean so much.


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