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Abducted 10-year-old's mother: Johns an 'evil, evil monster'

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Shelly Johns, Brianna Crane's mother Shelly Johns, Brianna Crane's mother
Kenneth Johns, 48 Kenneth Johns, 48
JOHNSON COUNTY (KWWL) - Shelly Johns, 10-year-old Brianna Crane's mother, met Kenneth Johns through a mutual friend. She married him while he was serving prison time in the Fort Madison penitentiary. And he's threatened her life before.

But Shelly was shaken, shattered and shocked that the man she once loved took her daughter for hours.

Shelly says Brianna was abducted from a Solon apartment on Saturday by Johns, her stepfather, prompting an AMBER Alert.

Crane was dropped off to police in West Branch very early Sunday morning. Johns was arrested in Davenport a few hours later.

Shelly Johns says this all started in Solon on Saturday. She says they were there visiting Kenneth Johns' son when Kenneth said he wanted to get back to Coralville to swap cars, saying the police were trailing him.

Shelly refused, and that's when she says he became violent.

"I ran," she admitted. "He told me I was going to die."

Shelly has been married to Kenneth for about five years, though Johns was just released a little over a year ago. She also said he has threatened her life several times before.

"He kicked my back door in Tuesday morning at 5:30, he took me and my daughter at gunpoint," said Shelly. "He said 'I will ******* kill you!'"

She told KWWL she literally had a second to run away, and that's exactly what she did.

"I took the chance to run," Shelly Johns said. "Unfortunately, I could not take my daughter with me, and when we came back, she was gone."

She says her daughter was in the car with Johns' and his son, so she couldn't get to her. She says the last 48 hours have been pure terror.

Once she realized her daughter was gone, Shelly called authorities, who issued an AMBER Alert.

Shelly, who is hearing-impaired -- along with Brianna -- said Kenneth took advantage of their disabilities.

"He took us everywhere," she said. "We were told, 'Do not mess up, because if you do, you're going to die.'"

Despite the threats, Shelly said Kenneth "spoiled" Brianna, bribing her and ultimately brainwashing her so she wouldn't say anything.

"They need to keep him locked up behind bars," Shelly said. "He's an evil, evil monster. I hope (he) rots in hell."

Shelly added that she is working with authorities to see her daughter again, because she hasn't been able to see her since the abduction.

"I'm just trying to gather my own mental health and figure out what's my next step," she said. "I had everything before I met him and he totally destroyed my life."

Shelly says she knew he was a convicted felon, but he told her he wanted to do get his life in order.

"I thought he would changed," said said. [Kenneth] ensured me that  he would take care of me and my daughter and give us the best life possible when he got out."

Johns was released from the Fort Madison Penitentiary on his prior criminal history in February of 2014.

Kenneth Johns was transferred, Monday morning from Scott County to the Johnson County Jail. He's scheduled to make his initial court appearance Tuesday.

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