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Prosecution rests in Frederiksen murder, sex abuse trial

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The prosecution has rested their case in the murder trial of Casey Frederiksen. After four days of witness testimony, we've heard from investigators, forensics experts, Evelyn's mother, and even Casey's own sister, who testified Friday that he lied to investigators.

The defense is expected to begin Monday.

Frederiksen, 35, is accused of sexually abusing and murdering his live-in girlfriend's five-year-old daughter, Evelyn. Authorities believe the crime occurred at their apartment near Charles City in the summer of 2005. Frederiksen was living with his girlfriend Noel Miller, her daughter Evelyn, and the couple's two young sons. Frederiksen previously admitted to authorities that he would become sexually aroused while changing her diaper.

During the search for Evelyn, authorities found thousands of child pornography images and videos on a hard drive from Frederiksen's computer. He was convicted of possession of child pornography, and is currently serving time in federal prison.

Friday, after a late start, court began with Carol Lynn Gardiner, a dog handler that helped search for Evelyn. The prosecution began by having her explain how her dog picks up scents. She told the jury about how her bloodhound, Tasha, tracked the scent from Evelyn's snowsuit to the banks of the Cedar River.

“She was jumping on her back feet like a kangaroo,” Gardiner said. “It was an extreme reaction like nothing I'd ever.”

She said the dog reacted because the scent was so strong.

The State also contends that dogs indicated Frederiksen's scent was found near the river as well. He denied going near there, and speculated someone may have worn one his coats there. Investigators questioned this, since it was July.

The prosecution also called Frederiksen's older sister, Brandi Hoffmann. She was asked if she knew Randy Patrie, who Frederiksen claimed he saw kidnap Evelyn at knifepoint.

“Absolutely not, no,” she said.

Hoffman testified about visiting her brother at the Bremer County jail in 2007.

“He did tell me he lied when told investigators that Randy forced his way into the apartment and removed Evelyn at knifepoint,” she said. “He said that was a lie and never happened.”

Patrie is currently serving life in prison on charges unrelated to the Miller case. Authorities have ruled him out as a suspect, though the defense contends he killed Evelyn.

Prosecutors have drilled the inconsistencies in Frederiksen's story of the kidnapping – which ranged from not knowing anything, in 2005, to apparently seeing Patrie take the girl, in 2007.

However, so far, the State has not presented much physical evidence to tie Frederiksen to the crime. Multiple DNA forensics experts testified that the Cedar River likely corrupted any DNA evidence of sexual assault that may have been there.

“Again, it could have been washed away or the mud could have interfered with my testing so I couldn't find it,,” said Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation forensics expert Scott Stockleger.

In researching the crime, law enforcement officers walked the route they believe Frederiksen took to the river, hiking 4-5 miles through a cornfield. Deputies carried a bag filled with weights on their shoulders to simulate Evelyn's body. This was in an effort to establish a timeline.

“I tried to think, 'I've got a body on my shoulder, I've hurry it along,” said Deputy Brian Tiedemann with the Floyd Co. Sheriff's Office.

This comes after Evelyn's mother, Noel, took the stand Thursday. Noel was a long-time advocate for Frederiksen's innocence. On the stand, she had no condemnation for him, but did pause for a long moment to stare at him as she stepped down.

Additionally, Thursday, a former inmate that served time with Frederiksen in an Illinois prison told jurors that Frederiksen admitted the graphic sexual abuse of Evelyn to him. This inmate had pled guilty to distribution of child pornography. He asked his name not be published, since he has been released after serving his time and fears he could lose his job.

Court adjourned Friday afternoon, and will reconvene Monday. If convicted, Frederiksen faces life in prison.

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