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Frederiksen Trial Day 4: Dog handler testifies on search for Evelyn

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Day 4 of the Casey Frederiksen murder trial is underway in Hamilton County, and the jury is hearing from a search dog handler that worked the Evelyn Miller case.

Frederiksen, 35, is accused of sexually abusing and murdering his live-in girlfriend's five-year-old daughter, Evelyn. Authorities believe the crime occurred in Charles City in the summer of 2005. Frederiksen was living in an apartment with his girlfriend Noel Miller, her daughter Evelyn, and the couple's two young sons. Frederiksen admitted to authorities that he would become sexually aroused while changing her diaper.

During the search for Evelyn, authorities found thousands of child pornography images and videos on a hard drive from Frederiksen's computer. He was convicted of possession of child pornography charges, and is currently serving time in federal prison.

Friday, after a late start, court began with Carol Lynn Gardiner, a dog handler that helped search for Evelyn. The prosecution began by having her explain how her dog picks up scents. 

Previously, investigators told the jury that Frederiksen's scent was found near the Cedar River, where Miller's body was found. When confronted with this information during a prison interview in 2007, Frederiksen speculated that the person he believes kidnapped Evelyn may have stolen one of his coats to mask their scent. However, prosecutors questioned why someone might steal a coat in July. No coats were found to be missing from his home.

Gardiner's said her bloodhound, Tasha, had an extreme reaction when they found was she believed to be the crime scene. She said that was a strong indicator that they had located Evelyn's scent along the Cedar River.

Frederiksen's defense has repeatedly tried to reframe his then-friend, Randy Patrie, as the actual killer. So far, authorities have ruled out Patrie as a suspect, citing his lack of interest in child porn. Patrie is serving a life sentence in prison for an unrelated murder conviction.

Frederiksen changed his story of the disappearance several times, finally telling the FBI in 2007 that he saw Patrie kidnap Evelyn at knifepoint. So far, no evidence has been introduced to support this story.

Thursday, Evelyn's mother, Noel, took the stand. Noel was a long-time advocate for Frederiksen's innocence. On the stand, she had no condemnation for him, but did pause for a long moment to stare at him as she stepped down.

Additionally, Thursday, a former inmate that served time with Frederiksen in an Illinois prison told jurors that Frederiksen admitted the graphic sexual abuse of Evelyn to him. This inmate had pleaded guilty to distribution of child pornography. He asked his name not be published, since he has been released after serving his time and fears he could lose his job.

The prosecution is expected to rest late Friday afternoon. Court will likely adjourn for the weekend, with Frederiksen's defense beginning their case Monday.

If convicted, Frederiksen could be sentenced to life in prison.

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