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Manchester Smitty's customers left without purchases, refunds

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With the closing of both locations in the span of about a year, more customers of Smitty's Tire and Appliance are coming forward claiming they haven't received refunds on things they ordered and never received.

Megan Youngkent says she ordered a new washer and dryer for $1,400 from the Cedar Falls store last year, and never was refunded.

When we received out to Smitty's owner Max Boren, he didn't answer or return our phone calls.

Another viewer, Paul Boring, says he too bought a washer before the Cedar Falls location closed, and was never reimbursed a dime. 

These claims are all too familiar to Jane Richards.

After the Cedar Falls Smitty's closed last year, the same thing happened to her: No appliances, no refund, no explanation.

Luckily, her credit card company refunded her immediately. 

Richards then received a letter from Smitty's.

"We're beginning the process of looking through the records to see which customers have paid for appliances that weren't delivered," it read.

But that letter came in a little late.

"I did not receive this letter until KWWL initiated an investigation," says Richards.

Richards has her money back, but understandably, she's offended. She says she never even received an apology.

"This is a pretty lousy thing to do to people, and now there are others stuck in the same situation," she said. "Had I not had put this on my credit card, I don't know if I would have a refund or not."

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