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Farming experts project positive outcomes for 2015

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CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) - After blanket layoffs affected many local John Deere and Company workers, local experts are weighing in on farming predictions for 2015.

It all took place at the Hawkeye Farm Show at the UNI Dome.

Poor weather conditions lead to a low turnout on the first day, but farm experts say you shouldn't have such low expectations for 2015.

"I think farmers are able to adapt to what is going on," says one farmer, Cordt Holub, "A lot of the guys have been through this before."

Some say farmers will look to cut costs in 2015, especially in regards to machinery. 

But this isn't news.

"This isn't the first time Deere has laid off people," says Jim Fettkether, who works for a fertilizer company.

The corn market is slower than what farmers have been used to recently.

"That in turn affects a lot of business, and with John Deere being a big one in Black Hawk County, they're going to feel it," says Fettkether.

But they call it a cyclical process.

"You know farmers are pretty positive," says Larry Bibel, who works for Mahindra. "They make money and spend money, and I think they'll see a turn-around."

Experts say there's still tons of jobs to be filled in Iowa, people just have to go out and find them.

"I feel there's plenty of jobs out there," says Black Hawk Rentals owner Jeff Bresson. "Everyone is still hiring, and filling in a lot of voids."

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