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Snow brings business for auto body shops

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With more snowstorms come more accidents, and that means more business for body shops this time of year.

Bumper cover after bumper cover, the winter will wreak havoc on them.

"We've been doing a lot of bumper covers," says Autobody Pro shop owner Mike Roth.

"When it's snowing, driving can get a little sketchy.

Add already hardened snow on the ground, and you've got yourself some very dangerous driving conditions.

Roth knows all about it.

"The plastic on today's cars during the summer is nice and pliable," he says. "But with the frigid temperatures we've been having the cover just breaks apart or cracks into a bunch of pieces."

"If you go off on the side of the road it isn't fluffy powder, it's plastic breaking on a thick block of ice."

Since he sees so many of those repairs, he takes it easy on the roads.

"I fix cars all day long, so I drive a little slower during the winter time than other people," he says.

And he says you should too.

"Accidents are always avoidable if you slow down."

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