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Community member tries to save Gladbrook school building

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GLADBROOK (KWWL) - The Gladbrook-Reinbeck school district voted to close an elementary and middle school building in Gladbrook in an emotional vote.

It passed with a 5-2 vote Wednesday night.

That vote to close the Gladbrook building had people fired up, especially Charles Bearden. Bearden lives in Gladbrook and was actually on the school board in the 1960's.

"I hope that we can salvage at least part of the school here, and that's all I ask for," said Bearden. 

Bearden tried to stop the vote to close the Gladbrook building by filing a petition for injunction, but officials with the school board say they didn't get it.

"That was not received until after our meeting, and we don't know much about it at this point," said Josh Hemann, school board president. "Our legal council is looking into it."

The petition outlines several reasons why Bearden thought the vote shouldn't have happened yet.

One of the big reasons: Superintendent Shawn Holloway is a finalist for a superintendent position in another district. 

Hemann says Holloway wasn't the only person looking into proposals to save the district money. In fact, it took roughly 15 months of research to come to the vote to close the school.

"I mean, this was last year we sat down with him, actually I think it was over the summer we started discussing scenarios that we've discussed," said Hemann.

As for Bearden, he is hoping they can get a ruling from the judge in hopes the board reconsiders the vote. 

Hemann says the school board is working toward next school year and what that will look like without the school in Gladbrook.

"It's hard knowing the impact that it makes on people and knowing that we're 20 years down the road, we're the ones that are having to be responsible," said Hemann.
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