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Gladbrook-Reinbeck officials talk about closing school

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An Eastern Iowa school board faces a tough decision this week: Whether to close a school building.

It's yet another district in Iowa to face reality after problems with declining enrollment.

Superintendent of Gladbrook-Reinbeck Schools Shawn Holloway says, over the last decade, enrollment has declined from roughly 800 students to 600 students.

There are four options on the table, and closing the school in Gladbrook is one of them. That would save the district more than $400,000.

Another option has kindergarten through sixth grade in Gladbrook while grades seven through twelve are in Reinbeck. That option would save the district around $297,000.

"You know it's really a decision, obviously, that there's a ton of emotions involved, and depending on which community you're from I think really sways the way that you feel the decision should go," said Holloway. 

Mayor Keith Sash has been in the community for more than 60 years.

The sign outside of town says, "Gladbrook Alive and Growing," but Sash says he's concerned the potential closure of the school in town will hurt that motto.

"That's how you maintain your growth. That's how you maintain young people coming to you, and it's very important they have a school system that they can walk their kids to school," said Sash. 

As for Holloway, no matter what decision is made by the board, he hopes Gladbrook and Reinbeck will remain united.

"Hopefully on the back side of the decision we can come together, remain a strong school district," said Holloway. 

The school board will meet Wednesday to vote regarding the school building closure and grade realignment options. 

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