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Does It Really Work?: The Purrfect Arch

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Think of how much pet hair might be lingering in your home. Cat owners -- sound familiar?

We love our feline friends like family, but the basic fact is this: They can shed. A lot. One product claims it can help while entertaining the pet at the same time.

The Purrfect Arch, an As Seen on TV product, is marketed as a new, fun, at-home groomer for cats, claiming to collect loose hair while the cat plays.

KWWL's Ally Crutcher put the Purrfect Arch to the test with KWWL viewer and cat owner Jen Neumann to find out: Does It Really Work?

The Cedar Rapids mom says she's grown up with cats, and currently has two cats named Rory and Cheetoh.

"I think I go to work with half a cat on me every day," Neumann said. "A lint roller is a necessity in this house."

Rory is the more skittish pet out of the two. Cheetoh, on the other hand, doesn't meet a stranger he doesn't like.

When Crutcher and Neumann set the Purrfect Arch on the floor in Neumann's living room, it didn't take long for both cats to cling to it.

The boys pawed the carpet base of the arch, rolled around and were definitely caught gnawing on the bristles more than once.

Entertaining? Definitely.

Experts, though, say excessive biting could potentially turn into a problem.

"The thing would be, if they're going to bite the bristles, and then ingest them -- if they got enough of them, I don't know how well their teeth would be," said Kirsten Linney with Den Herder Veterinary Clinic. "If they ate a lot of these bristles, I think there would be a phone call perhaps you'd have to make."

The Purrfect Arch also claims to have a sturdy base, and will stay intact.

Rory and Cheetoh, however, managed to dismantle the arch in the midst of their shenanigans. One side of the arch came out of its carpet base, and then the entire structure fell over.

That definitely factored into Neumann's grade of the Purrfect Arch after the test.

"I would give it a D+," she said. "It fell apart pretty quickly, and the other reason is I don't think it lives up to its claim of being able to really help with shedding."
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