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New distracted driving bill has support from legislators, gov

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A new distracted driving law could make it illegal to use a cell phone while driving -- unless it's hands-free.

If the law passes, phone calls, texts, and emails while driving will be illegal.

People have mixed feelings on the law.

"Part of me doesn't like it, because I like to talk on my phone while driving," says Chuck Rowe of Cedar Falls.

But if it makes the streets safer?

"If it saves lives, it's worth it," said Rowe.

Others agree.

"If you have a cell phone in your hand, you're not going to be able to focus on the drivers in front of you or behind you," says Donna Bash.

Police officers are gunning for the law to be passed too.

"We even see people trying to hide texting," says Cedar Falls Lieutenant Dennis O'Neill. "You'll see them when you pull up at an intersection and they're looking down."

Police say any time they can discourage distracted driving is a huge benefit to them.

But would it be easy to enforce? Some people don't think so.

"How do you follow something like that? You're going to have to have an officer follow every single person," says Rowe.

But the people who already use hands-free seem to love it.

"It's easier for me because I can just say, 'Call so-and-so,' and it'll dial it for me automatically," says Bash.

The law exempts the use of GPS services and calls in emergency situations.

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