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Iowa losing a city: Center Junction votes to disband

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CENTER JUNCTION (KWWL) - It was just a month ago that Center Junction's city council voted 3-2 to keep their city intact, and Mayor Sandy Ricklefs quit. The City Clerk and a council member left, too.

But now, Ricklefs and the clerk have been re-appointed to their positions, the final spot on the council was filled, and that council voted Tuesday night 5-0 to disband the city.

"I really think this is probably the only way we could go, and I think in the end, I'm hoping it'll be a win-win situation," Ricklefs said.

Although changes are on the way, Ricklefs said they shouldn't impact day-to-day life in the small town.

They'll lose their street lights, but property owners have the option to buy their own lights for those fixtures. 

Snow plow operations will be slower, as well. Since the city will no longer be in charge of plowing, their streets will be plowed like any other country road, Ricklefs said.

As for the future of their fire department? Ricklefs said that's still up in the air.

Pam Leytem, who'd taken over for Ricklefs after she quit, said she was tired of fighting residents on this issue, which is why she said she changed her vote.

Audrey Smith also voted no to disbanding the city last month. Asked why she changed her vote, she said, "It's what the people wanted." 

But it wasn't an easy decision for her.

"I've taught for 64 years here," Smith said. "There are just a lot of memories in this town."

The city is now in a 30-day waiting period, and will have their case reviewed in early April. If everything goes to plan, they'll no longer be the city of Center Junction after that. Instead, they'll just be part of Jones County.
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