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Does It Really Work?: Aqua Rug

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WATERLOO (KWWL) - When you think of carpet and water, you might not assume the two go together. But one As Seen on TV product claims to bring the feel of carpet into the shower.

KWWL's Ally Crutcher put the Aqua Rug to the test to find out -- Does It Really Work?

Pami Erickson lives in Waterloo. Her morning routine consists of a rude awakening from her alarm at 6:30 a.m. sharp, followed by a shower.

The Aqua Rug claims to be the first quality carpet for your shower or bathtub.

Erickson tested the rug in the shower first. The product maker claims the rug can be placed right over the drain, and the water will pass through easily.

Water seemed to filter with no issues. However, a problem was found during the test.

The suction cups on the bottom of the mat wouldn't stick to the shower floor. Erickson tried the cups on the fiberglass in the tub, and then on the tile on the bathroom floor.

After multiple attempts, no luck. Crutcher and Erickson couldn't get the suction cups to stick to any of the bathroom surfaces.

The Aqua Rug claims to have Microban, a mold protector. However, plumbers were more concerned about other things getting trapped in the rug, such as soap, dirt and dead skin.

The product maker also claims one never has to wash the Aqua Rug, saying it's the last mat the consumer will ever have to buy.

"That's bothersome to me, for someone who washes their bath mats every Friday," Erickson said.

All things considered, Erickson gave the Aqua Rug a D+.

"Only based on the fact that it doesn't seem practical because the suction cups didn't hold, and the mat slid around," she said.

Crutcher and Erickson also tested the suction cups on granite and hardwood. Surprisingly, it stuck well to those. Unfortunately, the average shower likely won't consist of either of those surfaces.

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