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More questions than answers in an alleged animal abuse situation

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Many of our viewers have been sounding off on our website and Facebook page after we first told you about reports of animal abuse.

A North Liberty lady claims she witnessed the abuse.

We've been trying to get answers from North Liberty Police Department and they've finally given us new information.

"It was confirmed from a vet clinic that they did see the animal in the parking lot," said Chief Diane Venenga, with North Liberty Police.

However, in January the owners told officers the dead dog had been previously sick and they tried taking it to a local medical clinic, but before they arrived the dog died and obviously the clinic didn't have record of the visit.

Since then, Venenga claims vet-staff somehow now remembers going out to the owner's car and seeing the dog, but still there's no record to prove that, according to Chief Venenga.

"I think it just validates that there's something awry with the situation," said Ashley Robbins, who first told us about the alleged abuse. " I don't know where or what's happening, but I think it also shows there's a lack of accountability."

Robbins witnessed the abuse a dog by the handler and sent us the video.

She claims it shows the dog's handler hurrying inside, dragging the dog, holding what she says is pipe. Robbins says it's the same PVC pipe she saw being used to hit the dog.

"I worry that if we're turning a blind eye to this, how many other crimes are actually being turned a blind eye to," said Robbins"

Robbins just returned Monday from Des Moines for this year's Humane Lobby Day.

Venenga says her officers never found any signs of abuse inside the owner's home, although they did find the dead dog.

The owner have to appear in court later this month because North Liberty officers issued a citation because one of the three dogs was not registered.

"Throughout the day or the course ended up making contact with those individuals and was able to inquire further about why this animal was in the garage, how the animal became in the garage."

She says the owner's stories were consistent with other people officers interviewed, however Robbins and several others on are sounding off claiming nothing is being done about the animal abuse and cruelty they've witnessed..

"I'm hoping for accountability," said Robbins.

Venenga says there's been so much public outcry about this alleged abuse, they've received dozens of calls, as far as Canada.

Venenga says she's afraid someone might try to steal the owner's dogs.

North Liberty Police ask if you see anything suspicious call them, and they will continue investigating.

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