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Someone You Should Know: Jamie Smith

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Sometimes when life hits you, you hit back harder.

"I remember I woke up from a nap and I rolled over to try to grab my phone to see what time it was and I couldn't feel my phone," Jamie Smith said.

Jamie Smith was fifteen weeks pregnant with her fourth daughter, Myah when she realized she was having a stroke.

"I remember on the phone, just saying 'did she make it?' and that stuff that you never expect at 32 to have to ask," Jamie's husband, Patrick Smith said.

Jamie was able to carry Myah full term, but bouncing back after a stroke was a challenge.

But, a program her gym family started for her made that challenge a little easier.

"Taking that feeling and getting it from even people who are complete strangers just gives you so much hope in such a dark time and to be able to give that to somebody else, I mean, how amazing is that?" Jamie said. "And now that I'm doing well, why shouldn't I pay that forward?"

But what Jamie did next was more than just get back to her work out routine, it was at Next Level Extreme Fitness where she found a way to help others.

Jamie has taken her recovery to the next level, to do better and be better, which is what she likes to call the Adopt-A-Family program she and her husband have taken over.

About every ten weeks, or for every new session at Next Level Extreme Fitness, Jamie and her husband choose a local family in need of help.

They put on fundraising events to help raise money for the needs of that family.

"You'll never see anyone ever say 'hey, you look like you had a stroke' or 'hey, you look like your body's slower than it was before,'" Next Level Extreme Fitness owner, Ryan Downs said. "If anything, she's better and she might not realize that because she's a little hard on herself, but I'd be the first to tell her as her trainer, she's back, she's really back."

Jamie returned back to Next Level Extreme Fitness just eight months after her stroke, but she's going strong now. 

Next Level Extreme Fitness even renamed their 'Overall Transformation Award' the 'Do Better. Be Better' award in honor of Jamie.

After such an obstacle, Jamie is so thankful to be able to kiss her kids, and her husband, and to get kisses back.

One big happy family, and a healthy family - doing better and being better.

To read more about Jamie's journey to recovery or to see how you can nominate a family, go to Jamie's 'Do Better. Be Better' blog.

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