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Enough is enough: One man is taking action against gun violence in Waterloo

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"I just totally had enough of this.."

Leon Mosley says something needs to change. "Today it's this child, tomorrow it's that child. When do you say enough is enough? That's what makes me mad."

He's a retired county supervisor, but said that a shooting on Tuesday night in Waterloo, has him back in the streets to end the violence. It was there that t
wo young adults were shot from outside a home while playing video games.

He says, "Well, they have taken me out of retirement now. I'm like Michael Jordan..I'm back."

...And he is coming back with vengeance- warning others that he will make a difference, whatever it takes.

He says, "I'm not leaving my community, I'm going to change my community and I am going to get it back to the way it was."

He is urging people to call him with information if they are too scared to go to police. He says, "It ain't snitchin'..It's called telling the truth."

The Waterloo Police Department has his back and supports him.

Dan Trelka, Waterloo Director of safety services, says " I wish we had more members of the community that are willing to take action."

Mosley says, " I'm just trying to show this community of mine that it can be better...if we work at it."

Anyone with information about the shooting may call 291-2587, ext. 5137, or Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers at (855) 300-8477.

Mr. Mosley and the Waterloo Police will host a town meeting on February 5th at the Waterloo Center for the Arts to discuss gun violence.

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