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Citation issued after police finds dead dog, neighbor claims owner abuses dogs

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NORTH LIBERTY (KWWL) - Neighbors in North Liberty say they witnessed a dog being abused.

They say the latest abuse happened Friday, after the owner of the pit-bull mix let it out for a few minutes.

Ashley Robbins sent KWWL cell phone video showing what she says shows a man hurrying inside, dragging his dog, holding what she says is pipe in his hand.

"I saw the man beating her with a PVC pipe. "The sheer terror of humanity and the cruelty. It was a big mix of emotions" said Robbins who lives a few doors down from dog's owner.

One of Robbins' neighbors called police.

North Liberty police tell us they issued a citation to the owner for failing to have one of his three dogs registered.

However, while inside the home police found a frozen dead dog in the garage.

North Liberty Police Chief Diane Venenga says the dead dog appeared to be healthy to the officers, and they found nothing else out of the ordinary to make them believe there was abuse or neglect.

Venenga says the owners told officers the dead dog had been previously sick and they tried taking it to a local medical clinic, but before they arrived the dog died.

However, Robbins says the owner admitted beating the dog after she knocked on his door asking about the abuse.

"At that point I questioned what was going on," said Robbins. "He admitted he was beating [the dog], he justified it by saying it was because she was being potty trained."

Friday wasn't the only time Robbins says she's questioned the owner, she says months ago the same abused dog approached her covered in feces and urine.

The dog's owner says there is absolutely no neglect or abuse going on inside his home.

He tells KWWL the dead dog was in his garage for days because he didn't have enough money to properly bury it.

The owner is not facing any charges of neglect, but was ordered to get rid of the dead dog.

Police say this is not an ongoing investigation, until they receive calls from witnesses, about abuse to the other two dogs.
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