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LIVE: Decorah Eagle Camera

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The Decorah eagles camera is one of the most viewed live streams in the world. Watch it, and read more about the project here.



The eagles started their new nest in early 2013, which was when the camera and feed were offline.  A new camera was installed prior to the 2014 season, and all the action was caught live.


Even though they've moved to a new nest across the street, the Raptor Resource Project and their popular live stream won't miss a thing.

They've added a new camera aimed at the new nest, which will allow people worldwide the chance to see the eagles as they head into their busiest season.

Eagles are unique in nature, because of how much activity they have during the winter, according to Bob Anderson, Director of the Raptor Resource Center said.

They start their courtship in the late fall, and lay their eggs during the winter, Anderson said. The eagles are expected to lay their eggs around Feb. 20.

"That's when the countdown will begin," he said.

In addition to the new camera, Anderson is hoping to make improvements in the quality of the video they broadcast as well.

"We're hoping to get fiber optic, which would allow us to jump to high definition," he said.  "It something I've wanted to do ever since I started filming birds around the world."

He said he's also toying with the idea of naming the birds.

"We've never done it, but that might change," he said. 

“There's certain heroes that helped us, and we might utilize their names," Anderson said. "One is Ron Steele. I know he loves the eagles, so how do we get his name on one of the eagles? I'd love to do that.”

He added he would love to have the longtime KWWL anchor come to Decorah and take a turn running the camera.

You can join the over 3 million people who have watched these eagles online right here on

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