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Flu epidemic still present in Iowa

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The Polk County Medical Examiner says since November, 12 death certificates have come across his desk reporting the flu as a main or contributing cause.

Three of those people were children, and Iowans are nervous.

"It's scary that a lot of these cases are children, they've been dying mainly from the flu," says Nicole Sharp.

People here in Iowa and across the country have been advised to get the flu shot, but they're starting to lose faith in its ability.

"I know people who have  gotten the flu shot and still get the flu, so I don't really think its worth your time," says Olivia Hanken.

"I know a lot of people who have gotten a flu shot who still get the flu," says Sharp.

Despite the hesitation, doctors say the shot is worth it.

"A patient who has been vaccinated will have a milder case than those who haven't been vaccinated," says Dr. Pooneh Glascock.

Glascock says if symptoms present themselves, it's important to get to a doctor right away.

The CDC suggests drugs like Tamiflu, and Glascock says they should be taken within the first 48 hours of being diagnosed. 

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