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Chef William: Scottish Salmon with Orange- Apricot Glaze

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 Scottish Salmon w/ Orange-Apricot Glaze

Servings:             4 people

Ingredients:       4- 5 oz. salmon portions

                                Chef William's Prime Rib etc. seasoning (it's good on “everything)

                                1 –Lemon

                                3 cups of orange juice

                                1 small jar of Hy-Vee Apricot preserves

                                1 tbsp. of honey

                                1 tbsp. of lemon zest

                                Cornstarch Optional: 

Directions: Either cook in skillet or a grill.  Season the salmon portions generously on both sides.  If using a skillet spray down cooking spray generously in to pan.  If using a grill, make sure grill is clean and spray down generously as well.  Spray down salmon portions generously too.  On medium-medium high heat place salmon portions down at an angle to get nice grill marks.  It's going to be about the same amount of cooking time in the skillet as compared to the grill.  About 4 minutes a side or until opaque.  Flip your salmon portions gingerly and repeat on the other side.

Sauce: In a sauce pan combine the 3 cups of orange juice, apricot preserves on low heat.  The preserves will thicken the orange juice and will make a nice sauce.  Cook for about 10 minutes and add the honey and zest towards the end of the cooking process.

 When done, simply brush the salmon portions with sauce and serve over vegetables, rice, cous cous or even quinoa would be good as well.

Executive Chef William Gerstenberger from Crossroads Hy-Vee
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