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Blizzard conditions cause travel problems in eastern Iowa

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The strong winds are causing travel troubles.

While city streets may be OK, rural roads and highways are experiencing whiteout conditions from time to time.

For those who have to be out in it, it's a challenge.

Shaun Ledesma does snow removal for parking lots and gas stations. For this storm, he says, it doesn't feel like he's making much progress.

"It's been kind of tough to keep up," Ledesma said. "Areas out in the open by the Cedar Bend Kwik Star, snow is blowing about as fast as we can pick it up and melt it off."

While it might be a pretty sight if you're inside, it's not so pretty for drivers.

Blizzard conditions means poor visibility. Even if there's not much snow falling, there's lots of snow blowing onto the roads.

With winds gusting as high as 45 miles per hour, it doesn't take long before the snow is blown right back over the same spot.

Joe Everts is a truck driver from Neenah, Wisconsin. It's his job to drive in this weather, and he says he's earning his money.

"The roads are crummy," said Everts. "It's like driving through a sandstorm and a blizzard at the same time. It doesn't seem like a whole lot of snow fell, but we're still going 35-45 miles per hour."

After a nearly snow-free December, the last four days have kept snow removal companies very busy.

"'This is like feast or famine, pretty much," Ledesma said. "I've already put in 52 hours this week. It's tough to keep up with everything."

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