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Prairie du Chien principal suspended for calling students idiots, making threats

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Aaron Amundson, principal of the Bluff View Intermediate School in Prairie du Chien, Wis., is serving a five-day suspension for calling a group of students idiots, and for allegedly making death threats, according to an investigation released by the school district.

The incident occurred on Dec. 23, the day before the school's winter break.

According to the investigation, Amundson called a group of students who were sitting in the wrong part of the bleachers idiots.  Multiple parent complaints listed in the investigation also said that Amundson had said something about killing students if they asked him any more questions.

Amundson said in the investigation that he doesn't remember saying the word kill.  He did remember calling students idiots, however.

The incident has caused quite a stir in the community.

Bethany Iverson, mother of a student who attends Bluff View, started a petition calling for Amundson's resignation or termination.  She said her daughter was at school that day, and heard him threaten to kill somebody.

"I think that anybody, no matter who they are, if they come on school grounds and they threaten to kill a child, that they should be immediately escorted off and not allowed to come back on," Iverson said. 

She said he has a history of incidents like this one, and that it's time for him to go. 

The investigation cites a disciplinary letter the school sent to Amundson in March 2013 because of an inappropriate email he sent to staff.

The petition has more than 220 supporters.  But not everyone wants him gone.

"I fully support Aaron Amundson," Barb Wachter said.  She has had multiple children go through school with Amundson at the helm, and said he's been great with them and with her.

She also supports him, because she doesn't think he threatened anyone.

"My son was present when this incident happened, and he said he never heard Aaron threaten to kill anybody," Wachter said. "He said he was angry, and he said, 'mom, I was probably one of the ones that made him angry.'"

Amundson apologized for his behavior in a letter released by the school.

"I regret my choice of words, as they were unprofessional and some children took this to heart and felt threatened," he said in the letter.

He said he agrees with the disciplinary actions.

Iverson doesn't think it's enough, and said she would pull her daughter out of the school if he stayed as principal.

Amundson will return to school next Wednesday.

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