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Waterloo Police face repairs on squad cars

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WATERLOO (KWWL) - It was last month in which a domestic dispute in Waterloo ended horribly.

A suspect rammed the back of a Waterloo police car, sending the car sliding into another patrol car parked nearby. The incident totaled one of the cars and damaged the other.

Capt. Dave Mohlis with the Waterloo Police Department says both cars will be out of service for some time, while the car totaled will need replacing.

"We will be short a car, or hold over an older car that has higher miles," Mohlis said.

The price tag for replacing a squad car is significant; Molhis says it's roughly $25,000 to replace just the car itself. Then, all the equipment inside the car adds another $10,000. Ultimately, it could be anywhere from $35,000 to $40,000 to replace the car altogether.

Mohlis says the police department budgets about $20,000 a year for squad car repairs. He also says the insurance company isn't recognizing the department's claim at this point.

Therefore, the department can dip into city funds to take care of the damages, but as mentioned above, those funds are limited.

"So it does put us in a bind, especially if you have a vehicle totaled like this, it could deplete that whole budget line in just one car," Mohlis said.

In addition to the two cars damaged in last month's incident, the force is down a third patrol car after it was wrecked in a chase on Jan. 1.

Altogether, three Waterloo Police cars are out of service at the current time.

Two officers were hurt in December's crash. Mohlis says they are on what's called light duty, as doctors have yet to release them back to work in a full-time capacity.
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