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Plane crash in Kentucky hits home for Eastern Iowa family

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A plane crash in Kentucky hits home for an Eastern Iowa family.

A seven-year-old survived the crash in Kentucky Friday, but it claimed the lives of her parents, sister, and cousin. The little girl walked nearly a mile through brush and briars to find help.

"Yeah it did. It brought back a lot of memories," said Caryn Stewart, plane crash survivor.

Stewart was only eight years old when a small plane crash killed her mother, sister, and cousin near West Union, Iowa. She survived the crash and nearly ten years later she still remembers it all.

"At the time it felt like a bad dream," said Stewart.

The crash happened in 2005. The family was taking turns touring their farmland from the sky, but the plane crashed just a few feet after take-off.

"I remember stepping up onto the wing of the plane and then jumping down into the mud which was nice because my feet we're really hot and I remember just running and running and all the sudden I heard my dad," said Stewart.

Stewart suffered burns to more than seventy percent to her body.

Now, Stewart is a senior at North Fayette Valley High School.

She's saw the news about the plane crash in Kentucky and with the emotional road to recovery ahead for the seven-year-old survivor, she had some advice.

"It's going to be hell and it's not going to be easy the first few months, maybe the first year or two but you have to fight to get better," said Stewart.

Stewart says she would love to talk to the 7-year-old who survived the crash in Kentucky. That girl is already out of the hospital, but their situations are still similar.

Stewart plans to graduate high school and go to college to be a vet technician.
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