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Someone You Should Know: Jaxton Engstrom

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7 year old Jaxton Engstrom's favorite character is the Grinch, but he's far from him.

He started doing acts of kindness around his community and school in exchange for paper hearts. Every time he shows an act of kindness, he places a heart on his wall to watch the Grinch's heart grow. Whether it's giving a hug or donating, he has created a ripple effect.

His teacher said, Ashley Duncan said, " Within the school, there has been hundreds of kids who have done acts of kindness and they put their hearts on the wall and it has just continued to grow."

Jaxton cannot see the hearts though. He is blind. About a year ago, he was diagnosed with Batten Disease, which is a rare, inherited disease of the nervous system. It is fatal.

His mother, Tina Engstrom said," We want to do what we can while we can because we know this disease is progressive...but he is laughing. Everybody should be able to laugh and do things and appreciate things."

He may not be able to see the reactions from his givings, but his reward? Hearing people laugh.

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see and in that sense, Jax can see it but most importantly, he feels it.

Tina said,"It's not about us. It is that people are doing things for others and then giving the hearts to him so he can feel it. He doesn't know what a random act is, he just knows he is creating a lot of hearts and a lot of smiles."

..And just like the Grinch's heart that grew, so are Jaxton's hearts. A beautiful way to see the powerful of kindness.

If you would like to send a heart to Jaxton with your kind acts, send it to Orange Elementary in Waterloo.

6028 Kimball Ave.?

Waterloo, IA.


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