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Last-minute appetizers

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Amidst the holiday season, local dietitian Whitney Packebush offers quick and easy ideas for last-minute appetizers.

One of the easiest options is the peanut butter and dark chocolate pretzels. The only ingredients needs are pretzel rods, buttery Ritz crackers, dark chocolate chips and peanut butter. Use twice as much dark chocolate chips as peanut butter, and place in the microwave for roughly five minutes. Dip the pretzel or cracker in the mixture, then let it cool.

A second option this time of year is chili. Hosts can serve it with chips, over nachos or even have a chili bar. Packebush says the vitamins and minerals make it a healthy option, along with the tomatoes, beans, fiber and protein in the dish.

Thirdly, a quick and easy appetizer is a spinach artichoke dip - a party classic. One can mix Parmesan cheese, mozzarella and cream cheese in the dip, tailoring it to a specific liking. Packebush says frozen spinach can be used for the dip, paired with pita chips, tortilla chips or any kind of cracker preferred.

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