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Dash camera debate

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WATERLOO (KWWL) - Following the December 16th accident involving the ramming of a Waterloo squad car, KWWL wanted to find out how dash cameras have changed the game for officers.

KWWL's Olivia Mancino rode along with Officer Greg Kemp from the Waterloo Police Department.

"They've helped in prosecuting cases," Kemp says. "Being able to confirm that something happened or didn't happen."

Like on December 16th -- the crash was undeniable. 

Kemp has been on the force for 14 years.

He wasn't there on the 16th, but he knows dash cameras have changed the way he's worked.

"I've said some things, I've done some minor things, that I've gotten in trouble for, and I think they put you in check."

But Kemp says the intentions of dash cams aren't to get officers in trouble, rather to provide solid evidence of anything from a traffic stop to a major accident.

"I think you're looking at more video because there's no questions about what the officer says or does. It'll prove or back what the officer or other person is saying."

He calls it a tool of verification, and he says it served its purpose December 16th, showing just how dangerous the job can be.

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