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Rescuers pull dog from Fayette Co. well

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This is a love story, in a way. It starts at Christina Edmonds' place north of Oelwein.

"He was barking profusely this morning, that's how we knew he was down there," she said.

It was a dog, stuck in a well pit. Edmonds' boyfriend found him there in the morning, so they called the Fayette Co. Sheriff. The Oelwein Fire Department was called in, too.

The dog, a one-year-old pit bull-chocolate lab mix, was pacing the bottom of the well. He wasn't hurt by the ten foot fall, but he couldn't escape.

As for how he got there, there are theories.

"I think the dog was trying to get at my dog," Edmonds said. "He was trying to jump over the fence... since she's a girl and he's a boy."

Every love has it's pitfalls -- this one is more literal.

Rescuers put the dog in a travel kennel and fished him out of the pit.

"In stature it's a small dog, but it's husky, so I thought well that's going to be a little more difficult," said Oelwein Fire Chief Wallace Rundle.

But first, firefighters went down and calmed the dog.

"Kind of like the dog whisperer," Wallace said.

Now, he's got a clean bill of health.

"He's very healthy," said veterinarian Ken McDonough, of the Oelwein Veterinary Clinic. "If somebody adopted him we'd just recommend basic vaccinations for him."

And he's worming his way into McDonough's heart already -- they've been calling him Brownie.

"The dog almost knows that he's got a second chance on life," McDonough said.

Nobody's sure how Brownie got out there -- but it's possible he was abandoned.

"We live in a society where that's the case," McDonough said. "We're a throw-away society, and with instant gratification -- people just get fed up and turn dogs loose."

But on the bright side, saving the dog from a well, is like a episode of Lassie in reverse.

"Yeah, Timmy saves the dog instead of the dog saving Timmy," McDonough laughed.

"It was a happy ending," Edmonds said. "...If they can figure out whose dog it is."

No owner has come forward. Anyone with information is asked to call the Fayette Co. Sheriff's Office at 563-422-6067

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