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Eastern Iowa mother among group pushing to expand Iowa's medical cannabis law

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A group of Iowans wanting to promote safe and regulated access to medical marijuana, went to the State Capitol, Tuesday

In Des Moines Tuesday, a group called Iowans 4 Medical Cannabis wanted current Iowa legislation to include producing and dispensing medical marijuana in Iowa.

Even though Iowa law already allows people with severe epilepsy to use medical marijuana, they still can't safely or legally get it, so the group wants lawmakers to take the next step.

"Everyday that we have with [Quinn] is a  blessing," said April Stumpf, who's daughter is battling severe epilepsy.

A blessing and a kiss that little Quinn Stumpf's 6-year old brother doesn't take for granted.

"Come to my home for a couple of hours and sit with Quinn to see what she goes through," said Stumpf. "There's a lot more to do. We are still waiting on processing to have the paperwork done for the application that is required to be able to access medical cannabis."

Stumpf and others were urging lawmakers in Des Moines to help their families meet their health needs.

"A lot of change happens when you have numbers and you tell stories," said Stumpf. "A child like Quinn, she is unable to travel and in many states most of the time you either have to be a resident or the patient has to be seen by a doctor of the state to receive the medical cannabis.

She says the problem is that the state-issued medical cannabis cards needed are not yet available. So families are in desperate need for treatment.

"With Quinn in her state, everyday is a day we don't have to wait, and that's what we're asking the legislators to look at this year," said Stumpf.

However not everyone is completely on board with it.

Suzanne Koury says she completely supports medical cannabis for health needs, but she's afraid it could open the door for people to abuse it.

"That's the problem, that's the question whether people will abuse it and if they do abuse it, what are the consequences," said Koury. "I'm very conflicted about it. "

After seeing her little two-year old in pain for more than 20 hours daily, Stumpf's fight and strong push for medical cannabis will not stop.

"I hear what they're saying, I understand what they're saying. I would've agreed with them in the past," said Stumpf. "We are not asking to open the door to pass something for recreational use."

Iowa will start getting applications for medical cannabis cards starting early next year.

However, group members say they'll pretty much be useless because Iowans still can't legally get cannabis oil from other states and existing law still needs more work.

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