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Employee won't return to work after Cedar Falls robbery

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A woman is now in custody in connection with the robbery of a Cedar Falls gas station -- and one gas station employee said the robbery means she doesn't want to work at a gas station anymore.

Police arrested 21-year-old Cheyenne Meany on Dec. 16.

She's accused of robbing the Prime Mart convenience store at knifepoint Monday night.

KWWL spoke to a Prime Mart employee today.

"The knife was a butcher knife," says Christine Grummitt, describing the weapon.

It was caught on surveillance video, and Grummitt saw the whole thing.

"She comes up to the counter, beats on it like this, doesn't see anybody, walks a little farther down, and you can see the knife behind her back," Grummitt said.

Grummitt says Destiny, her niece who also works at Prime Mart, was working at the time. Grummitt said Destiny was silent during the entire robbery.

Grummitt said Destiny didn't want to give her last name because she knows Meany.

Seconds after the robber took off, another customer came into the store.

Grummitt says the customer tried to find the robber, but it was too late -- Meany already had gotten away.

She says after the incident, Destiny told her she will never work at a convenience store again.

"They don't realize -- this harms people," Grummitt said. "You have have not touched her, but you harmed her. She can't go home and sleep without feeling like something is going to happen. You shouldn't have to walk in fear. You shouldn't have to work and be in fear. It's hard enough to try to make a living, let alone make a living at a dangerous job."

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