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Deer careen through Strawberry Point store

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Two unexpected visitors caused a stir in Strawberry Point with their weekend Christmas shopping, and they're still on the loose.

A pair of deer ran through the door of Strawberry Foods around 4 p.m. Saturday.

“They came running through the door, pushed it open by themselves,” said cashier Linda Putz.

Surveillance cameras caught the whole thing. The two does run through the door, and bolt around the store. One heads for the back, sees the meat counter, and changes her mind. The other get stuck in the beer cave, knocking bottles of liquor to the floor.

For Putz, that didn't sound good.

“Very bad,” she said. “Bottles crashing, breaking. I mean, just all glass bottles.

Luckily, the deer was slipping on the tile, and could only reach the bottom shelf.

“At least he got the cheap stuff,” Putz laughed.

Emily Ash was at the back of the store when she heard them coming.

“So i went that way, and there's a deer by the whipped cream,” she said.

After a few minutes, shoppers corralled the deer and herded them out of the store.

“They were just shaken up,” Putz said. “They did their shopping and ran out the door. They were in a hurry!”

But they did leave a mess — and a couple hundred dollars in damage.

“Yeah, I was shaken up,” Putz said.

“You know, it's just like what do you do?” Ash said.

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