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Health Plus: 3-D Mammograms

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Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer for women in the United States. A mammogram can save a woman's life.

Dr. Meghna Krishnan,  Lead Mammography Radiologist at Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo says, "There is a 33 % reduction is mortality by screening mammograms."

But, Covenant wants to increase the survival rate for women. New technology gives a glimpse into the breast tissue like never before: In 3-D.

Dr. Krishnan says, "It's really amazing technology where you can look into the breast and see these subtle early breast cancers which you would have missed otherwise."

When the tissue puckers up and looks as if it is pulling, that is a sign that doctors look for in cancer.

She says, "The 2-D mammogram is just like the front page of a book where you just have a single sheet of paper in front of you but the 3-D mammogram allows the radiologist to look into the breast in 1 mm sliced intervals, so the radiologist can scroll into the breast, like the pages of a book."

Doctors, like Dr. Krishnan believe this will help bring them one step the cure.


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