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Cedar Falls Police aim for more body cameras

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CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) - Events in the past several months of officer-involved shootings, and deaths, are causing more police departments to consider body cameras.

The Cedar Falls Police Department currently has three, and hopes to acquire more.

"I think they're a good tool, it just shows what we're doing every day," Officer Jovan Creighton said.

Creighton said in any situations - traffic stops, car chases - body cameras help show what an officer saw, and how he or she handled it.

Officers must turn on the body cameras, at least the ones used by Cedar Falls Police. Once the camera is activated, it stays on; recording what the officer sees and does. Creighton explains the body cameras capture more than the cameras inside squad cars, being one primary advantage.

Police Chief Jeff Olson said the cameras help build trust with the community.

"They know we're always on video and we're recording ourselves, and that's one step we're taking to show we're holding ourselves accountable," Olson said.

Olson hopes to have a dozen body cameras at some point. There are 40 officers on the Cedar Falls police force, and he said a dozen would be enough for a full shift.

Nearly a year ago, an officer-involved shooting took place in Cedar Falls. KWWL asked Olson if the officer was wearing a body camera during the incident. Chief Olson said there is footage, but cannot comment on whether it is from a body camera or from a squad car camera. Chief Olson also confirms the officer in that case, Bob Anderson, is no longer with the Cedar Falls Police Department.

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