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Health Plus: Dry Skin

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Winter can be harsh on your skin time, sometimes causing serious pain. It's important to know hot to protect your skin from the elements and how to get your body ready for winter.

Physician Assistant at Dermatology Associates, Jessica Hein says, "Our skin is the largest organ that we have.. and it's really our barrier to the outside it comes into contact with a lot of different elements and it really does affect our overall health." 

As humidity decreases and temperatures get colder, the dryness of skin increases. It can be very uncomfortable and can even turn serious.

 Hein says, "It can turn into a dermatitis which can be very itchy and painful and sometimes you can get a secondary infection from it."

So, what can you do to prevent dry skin?

Dermatologists recommend using a heavy cream to protect your skin in the winter because of the extra moisture, but it goes farther than creams though.

Hein recommends, "Increase your water intake, sometimes a humidifier in a home can be beneficial.. and then make sure you are not using too hot of water. Warm water is best. After showering, pat the skin dry and that's the best time to put on that moisturizer, when that skin is still damp."

Bring on those winter conditions because your skin will be ready!

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