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Someone You Should Know: Pam Sullivan

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When Pam Sullivan could not attend her brother-in-law's funeral, she was devastated. She received a bracelet made from his ashes and it healed and inspired her to want to help others.

She has been making jewelry for the last four years, but not just any jewelry... ones from animal and human ashes.

She said, "I feel through my beads that it just gives you a connection to them, you know. A lot of people wear them and just rub it."

It's called "preserving a memory" and she can also use dried or fresh flowers. When I met her, she was wearing a necklace and bracelet, made from her beloved dog's ashes. A death that was hard for her and her family.

She said, "It just makes you feel closer to them and I think that's what is drawing people to this. It's the connection because we feel so lost when our loved ones die."

Pam has been running a daycare in her home for 27 years, but she says helping people feel that connection, may be her true calling in life.

"I say preserve your story because everyone has one, whether young or old. There's a story to how grandma died or why mom died and people want to talk about that, we all do. And I want to listen."

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