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Cold, snowy weather could mean more car repairs

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Beat up batteries and totaled tires are things mechanics at Boubin Tire and Automotive sees every year during the early winter months.

Car repairmen at Boubin says it's all gas and no brakes when it comes to car repairs in the cold and snowy weather.

"Bald tires, make you slide more and batteries go dead," said Steve Brown, manager at Boubin Tire and Automotive.

They were working on an early 2000 model Buick that had been dented after sliding in wintry conditions, needing work on the tire control arm, rim, and other repairs.

"[You] have no control on wet pavement and icy pavement," said Brown. "Check the air pressures and make sure they're where they should be. Low tire pressure makes tires wear more uneven."

He says checking your tire pressure during early winter months should be done at least once a week.

In just the last couple weeks Boubin has seen about a dozen cars needing work especially on tires and batteries; however, Brown says that's pretty typical for early snowfall and cold snaps

"Summer weather puts a toll on batteries, and when it gets cold out that's when you notice you have a problem.

He says car batteries normally last about 5-7 years but might need to be recharged if your car turns over slower.

Tires and battery replacements aren't the only things Boubin says it's had to repair.

They've also had fix a lot of cars with no heat.

If you plan to travel during the thanksgiving holiday week, you should keep your gas tanks on full. Brown says it's never a good thing to run out of gas, and you're left stranded to sit on the side of the road in the cold.

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