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Health Plus: Overeating on Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and you know what that means...time to feast!

Sunny Valente of Cedar Falls says, "We eat in the middle of the day as opposed to dinnertime. That way we can digest, and then consume more food!"

Ron Daly of Cedar Rapids says, "I try to eat a little bit of I just don't gorge totally on turkey."

Sound familiar? Well, If you don't want to end up in a food coma, but still want to enjoy your meal, we have some tips for you this year. Mary Steffensmeier, a local dietician, says you can enjoy what you want, it's just all about the proportions.

She says, "If you know your food is very calorie-dense like a creamy mashed potato or a rich stuffing, try a golf ball size and a large softball size portion. Just keep the overall portions reasonable."

She also recommends eating colorfully. Bring in some bright fruits and vegetables into your usual brown and white Thanksgiving dinner.

Now a lot of people worry about the actual dinner, but what about the best part? The desserts! Well, you can still enjoy it and save some calories...just cut it in half!

Mary says, "You don't have to try new recipes or artificial ingredients that don't turn out. Just keep cutting those portions a lot smaller and it will work really well to cut those calories in half."

But overall, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with food, so enjoy it!

Mary says, "Thanksgiving is just a day. It is not a whole month, and if we can just limit it to the day, you won't gain weight and you don't need to panic."

Happy feasting!

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