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Dicey driving for motorists, especially semi drivers

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CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - In the wet and windy conditions much of eastern Iowa experienced most of the day Monday, traveling is tricky especially for semi truck drivers.

"Very slick out there," said Kirkwood College trucking instructor, Ronald Tardiff. "In windy conditions don't hang out right beside the truck, if you're going to pass it, get out, get around it, get in front of it."

Tractor trailers are five times bigger than the average car, so Tardiff says it's critically important for typical drivers to not drive along the side of the semi or the back, especially in windy, slick conditions. 

Tardiff puts his truck driving students out in cold and blustery conditions so they know how maneuver when driving becomes dicey.

He says when the wind slams the side of semi trailers, whether with a heavy or light load, it can force them to sway into another lane without warning.

"Watch out for everybody around me. I have to check my mirrors every eight seconds, Said Cody Rackow, a truck driving student

Rackow drove an 18-wheeler in Monday's weather and said it wasn't easy.

However he echos what his instructor Tardiff says, "take your time," a good tip for all drivers.

"Keep control of the truck and watch out for everybody out there around you, making sure you aren't in their path," said Tardiff.

With some areas seeing freezing drizzle and snowfall, roads will refreeze Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Tardiff says while there's no way of getting rid of the wintry conditions , if semi drivers and typical drivers would take their time.... The slick streets won't be so bad.

"Semis are designed to go slower, so when they're at lights, making turns, when they're driving down the road even, they're going to go slower," said Tardiff.

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