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Does It Really Work: Potato Express

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WATERLOO (KWWL) - Imagine this scenario: You come home, you're tired, you're hungry and you just want something quick and easy to prepare for dinner.

As Seen On TV product Potato Express claims to be the remedy for such situation.

The product maker says it can cook the perfect potato in just four minutes.

So, KWWL's Ally Crutcher put the Potato Express to the test to find out, does it really work?

Kris Sproul is a working mom who lives in Waterloo. She says when it comes to cooking dinner, time is of the essence and anything that's quick and easy is helpful for her and her family.

Crutcher and Sproul tested three different types of potatoes with Potato Express: regular, sweet and small red potatoes.

Directions say to place a washed potato in the Potato Express pouch and then place in the microwave.

Instructions say there is no need to poke holes into the potato. After four minutes of cooking time, the potato should be done.

After testing two regular potatoes, Sproul came to the conclusion that four minutes wasn't enough to cook one potato thoroughly; she said six minutes would probably do the trick.

Testing the sweet potato bred the same story. After four minutes of cooking a single sweet potato, it still was hard in the middle.

Lastly, Crutcher and Sproul tested several smaller red potatoes in the Potato Express.

Sproul said the red potatoes ended up cooking the best in the pouch, and were tender enough to eat after four minutes.

All things considered, Sproul graded the Potato Express after the experiments.

"I'd say a C. Because the four minutes, the larger potato didn't cook so we had to put it in a couple more times. The sweet potato didn't cook through, but the smaller one did and that was perfect," Sproul said.

The Potato Express does claim that cooking times may vary depending on a microwave's output.

Therefore, in some cases, additional cooking time may be needed.
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