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Eastern Iowa developers receive grant for monitoring device

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CLARKSVILLE (KWWL) - Crossroads Manufacturing has been in the solar power business for nearly 12 years.

When Chief Operations Officer Keith Niehaus got a phone call from a client asking for a camera-trailer hybrid, he came up with the "Worksite Hawk."

The Iowa Economic Development Board awarded the company a $25 thousand grant to bring his vision to life. 

The Worksite Hawk is made up of five main components: a solar powered panel, a trailer, an adjustable crane, a strobe light, and of course, a camera.

The device runs off solar energy during the day, and solar charged batteries at night.

It has two functions, security and monitoring. In security mode, a boss can view a fixed area of his choosing.

In monitoring mode, a boss can jump on a computer, smart phone, or tablet in order to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera for a full 360 degree view.

Monitoring is used for work hour surveillance, whereas security mode is used for after hours.

If suspicious activity happens during after hours, the strobe light activates, and a video clip of the event is sent to the site manager, via text message and email.

"It has got to be enough pixels, like a person or a vehicle before it would trigger an event," says Chief Operations Officer Keith Niehaus.

So a small animal or rustling tarp wouldn't trigger a video clip.

Chief Technology Officer Keith Bailey works to make sure the video system operates smoothly.

He says the best part about the system is its flexibility, "if you want, to monitor every little detail, and you want to make it so nobody can go through a certain door, that's not a big deal."

Bailey says full surveillance recordings are available for viewing for 200 days before they recycle and start over.

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