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Consumer group releases most dangerous toy list

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With Black Friday just a week away, and the holiday season just around the corner, the hottest toys of the season will soon be flying off the shelves.

But before you start looking for all the toys on your child's list, you should probably check this list first.

The World Against Toys Causing Harm, or W.A.T.C.H. consumer group, released its list of the ten most dangerous toys of 2014.

The threat from these toys range from choking hazard to actual injury potential.

Here is that list, courtesy of W.A.T.C.H.

1. Airstorm Firetek Bow

There's no doubt that the popularity of the Hunger Games franchise has increased the popularity of bow-and-arrow toys. But this bow, meant to be played with outside, can do some real damage. In a test today, the bow hit the wall and ricocheted back the entire length of the room. The warning on the box says to only pull back halfway when shooting, but this will definitely do some damage either to your house or another child if not used properly.

2. Radio Flyer Ziggle

W.A.T.C.H. has this item on the list primarily because of its inconsistent marketing. On the box it says you can do cool new tricks and race around the block. It also encourages the use of helmets. But it also says to stay away from motor vehicles and the child on the box doesn't have a helmet on. Also, at only eight inches off the ground, it would be very hard to see from most vehicles.

3. Catapencil

This toy turns a sharpened pencil into a weapon, which W.A.T.C.H. is not fond of. They also mention that slingshots are illegal in a number of states.

4. Alphabet Zoo Rock and Stack Pull Toy

This toy, intended for children 18 months and older, comes with a 20-inch cord that could pose a real strangulation threat.

5. Swat Electric Machine Gun

Other than the orange tip on this toy, there is virtually no other way to tell that this is just a toy. The warning on the back even says that it looks very similar to a real firearm. “This product may be mistaken for an actual firearm by law enforcement officers and others," its label says.

6. Spark. Create. Imagine. Wooden Instruments

This toy, meant for children one-year-old and older, has parts that could easily block a child's airway, and poses a real choking threat.

7. Bottle Rocket Party

It's hardly ever a good idea to encourage children to play with bottle rockets. The box warns that projectiles may be harmful if misused, and suggests the use of goggles, but doesn't include them.

8. Lil' Cutesies - Best Friends

This doll comes with a bow on its head that is not attached super well. It's not a stretch to think a young toddler could chew the bow off the head and end up choking on it.

9. True Legends Orcs Battle Hammer

This toy, meant for children three and up, is probably bigger than some of the kids that could be able to play with it. It's a two-foot long plastic hammer, and it's hard to imagine many uses for it other than hitting other kids or things with it.

10. Colored Hedgehog

This plush hedgehog looks innocent enough, but its hair isn't rooted properly, and it doesn't take much to pull it out. This could easily pose a choking threat to most children.

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