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Teen with Asperger's fights back against bullies at Ed-Co

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16-year-old Hunter Paxson has lived with Asperger's syndrome his entire life. And unfortunately, it's brought a lifetime of bullying. 

But a recent incident at a restaurant, where three girls were overheard making fun of him, was the "cherry on top," he said.

Paxson organized an anti-bullying week at the Edgewood-Colesburg Junior and Senior High School.

The most impressive part?  He organized it the night before and has done everything by himself.

"When I first put it on my page, 10-12 people said they would support me," he said. "But by the time I got to school Monday morning, 40-50 kids said they wanted to support me."

He's organized different events for each day, including writing "Stand Up" on Post-It notes and sticking them on lockers.

Today, nearly 50 students showed up before classes and braved the cold to observe a moment of silence.

"I want every bully in America to stop and think next time they're going to pick on someone: 'Is this going to blow up on social media and am I going to be embarrassed?'"

"I'm not doing it for the fame or attention," he added. "I'm just trying to raise awareness."

Taylor Bockenstedt, a student and friend of Paxson's, has been a big supporter as well.

"I think it's important for us to support the whole school because bullying is a big issue not only here, but other places too," she said.

Paxson's next move is to set up a program where students can go to other students first to report bullying, instead of having to go to a teacher or administrator.

Paxson said he believes this will help students feel more comfortable with reporting bully incidents.

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