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Freezing temps bring chance of frostbite

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 Blustering winds, flurries, and temperatures that'll freeze you in your tracks.

A perfect storm for frostbite, or its younger sibling --

"Frost nip. You've been out shopping, these kinds of things, and your nose feels numb or its tingling," osteopathic doctor Charles Holt says.

Holt says then the nip will turn into bite. Your skin will turn red, then white.

Seasonal farm worker Cody Codner knows this, but he comes prepared.

"I wear a coat with a hood, a stocking hat, two long sleeve shirts, but haven't broke out the wool socks yet though."

Doctor holt says layering is key, "don't let your skin be exposed."

Cody knows there's always a chance for frostbite, but he has bigger things to worry about.

"Around this stuff you only get one chance."

But for those of us who don't spend our days around hydrous tanks...

"Get those hands under your arms if you don't have gloves, get them in your pockets. Get out of the cold!" Holt says.

The chance for frostbite can happen in less than 30 minutes. 

Holt says if you think you have frostbite, get the exposed area under hot water --as hot as you can stand it.

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