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Gun expert talks about proper firearm cleaning

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If you have a firearm, chances are you've done routine cleaning and maintenance on it.

Monday, two Iowa City Police officers were apparently doing just that, when a gun fired off injuring them.

"Every time you pick up a firearm you should check and make sure it's not loaded," said Michael Gerot, manager of Ammo Bearer gun shop. "Never place your finger on the trigger unless you're ready to shoot."

Gerot says he's cleaned quite a few guns in his lifetime, and making sure the firearm is unloaded, he says is the most critical part in the cleaning and maintenance process.

"Cleaning a gun is to just keep it in proper working order so it will continue to function," said Gerot

Typically it takes about 30-45 minutes to clean a Glock, one similar to the firearms local law enforcement officers use.

He says cleaning a gun should be done after every use. Gerot says you should be very cautious where your hands are during routine cleaning

"Next thing you want to do is take the magazine out, rack the slide several times, lock it back, visibly look into the chamber and make sure it's not loaded," said Gerot.

It really wasn't until recently that Gerot heard of anyone cleaning a loaded gun and it firing.

He says it happens, but it's rare.

"Most important thing is never point the gun at anything you're not willing to destroy. and keep your finger off the trigger," said Gerot.

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