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Waterloo police chief calls string of robberies unusual

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First, Dairy Queen on Fifth Street was robbed at around 7 pm last night.

Four hours later, the Casey's on La Porte Road was robbed.  

And at midnight, an employee of Ali's Liquor store on Fifth was walking to his car when was robbed.

Police say the robberies at Casey's and Ali's were done using weapons.

And Waterloo Chief of Police Dan Trelka says there's a chance those two are connected.

"With the rash of them going on right now, its highly likely that its the same person or groups of persons that are involved." 

These three are on top of three others in Waterloo last week when the Metro Laundry and Dollar General, both on Fifth street, were robbed.

The cases from earlier this month still haven't been solved, but Chief Trelka says often times police rely on more than just surveillance video to catch perpetrators.

"What's so fantastic is sometimes family and friends they'll see it and say 'this is just wrong, that he's doing that,' and this is who it is, so they'll give us a tip," Trelka says.

And sometimes, the repetitiveness of the crime is a leg up for officers.

"The time of day, the method they're engaging in to get the money, there's a commonality that leads us to believe they're related."
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