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First measurable snowfall could be a problem for crews

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Gary Davisson is gearing up because he knows eastern Iowa might be dealing with the first measurable snow of the season.

"Trying to get my snow fence up, before it snows. Usually I'm out here freezing my fingers off doing it, so I'm ahead of it a little bit," said  Davisson.

He does it every year so winter's winds won't cause snow drifts along his driveway..

"Too early, it always is. But you live in Iowa, you put up with it," said Davisson.

Iowa City Public Works director Rick Fosse says the snowfall could present a problem for crews.

"These early snows can be problematic for us because of our leaf-vacuuming program," said Fosse. "We use the same trucks to vacuum leaves that we do for snow plowing, and it takes about an hour to convert each truck from leave vacuuming to snow plowing."

Usually crews don't convert all 13 of their trucks to snow plows until the week of thanksgiving.

Currently the vacuum pump equipment is on all the city's trucks.

Fosse says city crews will be watching the forecast closely, so they can place the snow blades on their trucks and toss a salt mixture along the roadways, if needed.

Last week 2,500 tons of salt mixture was delivered to streets department facility, that's about 1,000 tons more than last year.

"Depending on the type of snowfall we get and how cold the temperatures are after that, it can make the vacuuming difficult because the leaves can clump up larger than what our vacuums can handle," said Fosse

Fosse says no matter what, crews will be prepared if any measurable snowfall comes down.

"It comes when it comes I guess," said Iowa City resident Steve Slezak. "It can wait a little while I'm not in a big hurry for it to get here."

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