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Saving money: Iowans take part in growing travel trends

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Some eastern Iowans are taking part in a growing trend and opening their homes up to strangers.

The trend is using popular websites like to connect people with locals who have a couch or room available that someone can use for the night.

The website states "surfers" are not charged a fee.

Ryan Pfaff and his wife have been members of for nearly three years.

Pfaff said during that time he has had some 15 guests stay in his home.

"We've had a mother daughter. She had graduated high school and they traveled three months - the whole summer- and went to Mexico, California and all around," said Pfaff.

Pfaff said he looks at the site as a reminder that there are still good people out there.

"It's really interesting to meet new people. It's a way to show people that their is faith in humanity. I mean so many people at work think that it is totally crazy to let a stranger into your house," said Pfaff.

Pfaff said he's never had a problem with the guests staying at his house, but he said he is on alert when people are staying with him.

"it depends on how we feel about the people and how we are getting along with them," said Pfaff.

Safety is a top priority, according to In fact, the website has a designated section where surfers and hosts can get valuable tips about staying with a stranger or opening up their home. The website also has a safety and trust team to ensure both hosts and surfers are safe.

Many Iowans are also taking part in a website called It's a website that allows people to rent a room or home from someone local.

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