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Does It Really Work?: Night View NV Glasses

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SHELL ROCK (KWWL) - Following Daylight Saving Time, our days are shorter -- meaning much more of our driving is done in the dark.

Night View NV Glasses, an As Seen On TV product, claims to aid nighttime driving and help one see easier when the sun goes down.

KWWL's Ally Crutcher conducted an unscientific test with a KWWL viewer to put these glasses to the test, all in an effort to find out: Do they really work?

Lucas Ramige typically works third shift as a weld inspector at John Deere. Living in Shell Rock, his 30-minute commutes to and from work are usually in the dark.

"Looking at the signs, sometimes I have to squint or be really close so I can see them," Ramige said.

We gave Ramige the Night View NV glasses to test. Its makers claim the glasses reduce glare against headlights on the road, and say it's easier to see with the glasses on at night.

So, as part of the test, a KWWL crew rode along with Ramige while driving with the glasses on, getting his feedback.

"Definitely helps a lot... yeah, I can see a lot farther out," he said.

Part of the product's claim is crystal-clear results from the glasses. Ramige said from his experience, maybe they're not crystal clear, but he was able to make out certain objects while driving, like street signs.

Another claim in the As Seen On TV commercial is that the glasses turn fuzzy and dull vision into clear and bright.

"If anything, it helps you see a bit father in the dark," Ramige said. "Definitely knocking down the glare from the headlights, from what I'm used to seeing."

For the other part of the test, we had Ramige walk around in the dark while wearing the glasses to see if they had the same effect as in a car while driving.

"I don't think it's night vision," he said. "Definitely doesn't make me an owl or a deer."

So, all things considered, we asked Ramige to grade the Night View NV glasses, with an A+ being the best and F being the worst.

He gave the product a C+.

"Because when I was driving, I noticed the big difference from the cars coming at me with their headlights -- but then just walking around at night, it was hardly any different at all," Ramige said.

While these glasses didn't pass with flying colors, they still might be something Ramige keeps on hand.

"The driving I do at night, because of my job and my lifestyle, I would probably go out and purchase a pair," he said.

We also had a truck driver wear the Night View NV glasses for several nights while on the road. He, too, reported they helped with the glare from headlights.
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