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The Mark Farley Interview

The Mark Farley Interview

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Good Evening I'm Rick Coleman here with UNI Head Football Coach Mark Farley after a very impressive 42-28 victory over Illinois State last week.

Now we go into deeper waters this week coach inviting the three-time defending national champion North Dakota State team to the dome this weekend, how excited are you?

Mark Farley: We are very excited, we knew if we go a victory last week the stakes would go up higher if we got a win last week and we did and now we get a chance to step up one more time.

Rick Coleman: North Dakota State comes in with a 33 game winning streak, undefeated this season. What are some things that jump out on tape to you?

Mark Farley: They are a very confident football team, just like anyone who have won that many games in row they find ways to win. 

Rick Coleman: They play well on both sides of the football, offense and defense, on defense Kyle Emanuel looks good on tape.

Mark Farley: Yes their defensive end is excellent he's got a great motor he plays hard, their safety is a senior and he is a good football player, those guys have been great leaders and they play hard.

Rick Coleman: It's a great rivalry between the two of you, when they first came into the league, but they have had your number the past couple of years, but last year's game was one of the most difficult games they had last year against Northern Iowa...and just a couple of plays turned it.

Mark Farley: It was a great football game, physical football game. We have to have the right mentality in this football game. We have to be tough in this football game.

Rick Coleman: And this is what you want, a game against North Dakota State. Your playoffs have pretty much started for Northern Iowa, a game against the best in the country to see where you guys stand.

Mark Farley: That's what this is all about, most of the time we go on the road we have been the team to beat. In this case we have one that is coming to us that's ranked very high and they are a very good football team, we are excited about it and this is why we do what we do.

Rick Coleman: Throw out the numbers, your team played very well last week because you played to the final whistle. You were making plays at the end of the game and I know that's important to you.

Mark Farley: Consistency is a big thing to us we needed to be consistent and not beat ourselves. Not beat ourselves and make plays and stay in the game. We got off to a real bad start in last week's game but the great thing was we maintained our composure and got better as the game went on. We need to do the same this week we need to start better.

Rick Coleman: UNI vs. North Dakota State this Saturday at 4 at the dome. Good Luck Coach

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